Most people don’t realize how much they rely on their hearing until they start to lose it. Unfortunately, hearing loss is very common in the United States, especially among seniors. That means a startling number of aging Americans are subject to the issues associated with hearing loss, which can be far-ranging.

As seniors start to lose their hearing, they tend to become more socially isolated. This can be a problem both for those aging in place alone and for seniors who live with others but don’t get to participate in community life. The good news is that moving to an assisted living community that uses the Eversound system can change everything for those suffering from hearing loss.

What Is Eversound?

The Eversound wireless listening system is a revolutionary new alternative and supplement to personal hearing aids. It’s designed to draw in everyone in a senior living community so that they can engage in fun activities and communicate more effectively with others, which can improve physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

The system is composed of many comfortable and easy-to-adjust headsets that can be worn during educational events, workshops, or social occasions. Everyone wearing the headsets hears the same thing, and each person has the ability to adjust the volume as needed to suit their preferences. Because everyone can hear the program, no one will feel left out of senior community life as a result of hearing impairment, and that’s all because of Eversound.

How to Use the Eversound System

One of the best things about the Eversound wireless listening system is that it doesn’t require seniors to maintain their own equipment or learn how to use new technologies. The staff will be responsible for maintaining the system, keeping headsets charged and making sure everyone who plans to participate is comfortable. There’s no need for a community’s residents to manage their own equipment, pay for upgrades, or keep track of anything.

All that the wearer needs to do is adjust the volume and, if necessary, the fit of the headset, both of which are easy tasks even for those with limited dexterity. Remember, Eversound was designed with seniors’ needs in mind and was tested to make sure it met them before being sold to assisted, independent, and memory care communities across the country. Even people who struggle with arthritis or other chronic conditions that limit their dexterity can use the system with ease.

When to Use the Eversound System

Although the Eversound wireless listening system can be used by dozens of people at once, it’s just as helpful in one-on-one scenarios. Consider something like in-house physical and occupational therapy, where seniors who have recently returned home to their communities after hospital stays must work to regain their previous levels of strength and motor function. This process can be frustrating for anyone, but it becomes nearly impossible for seniors who can’t hear the therapist’s instructions well. With the Eversound system, there’s no need to worry about miscommunication or having trouble focusing.

The Eversound system is also perfect for visits with loved ones, whether they occur in person or over a video chat program. Being able to hear loved ones and participate actively in conversations helps to maintain intergenerational relationships and keep everyone close, even if they live far away.

Eversound Is for Everyone

The Eversound wireless listening system isn’t just for seniors who struggle with severe hearing loss that impairs their abilities to participate in group functions. It’s just as helpful for those with mild hearing loss, and even for community residents who can hear well but have trouble focusing. Because the Eversound system creates a direct link to the speaker that cuts out all the background noise, it makes focusing on conversations, lectures, and instructions easy for everyone.

Because the Eversound system is designed with comfort and convenience in mind, it’s just as appropriate for memory care communities as for assisted and independent living. Remember, everyone, regardless of their cognitive status, can benefit from having a more vibrant and involved social life that offers opportunities for active participation. People who struggle with hearing loss or cognitive impairments that affect focus don’t need to miss out anymore.

Discover a Better Way to Live

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