Every person feels depressed at one time or another. However, seniors remain more at risk of this common condition. When the depression goes from mild and temporary to severe and persistent, the person needs to seek help. The problem is that seniors often find it difficult to obtain this help. 

A senior may not be able to get to appointments with a therapist when they are depressed because they no longer drive. Telehealth visits aren’t an option for everyone because seniors aren’t always technologically savvy. In addition, their insurance may only cover a certain number of visits. 

When a senior is clinically depressed, the family should look into assisted living homes. These homes offer numerous benefits for men and women who are clinically depressed. The following are just a few of these benefits. 

Community Life

An assisted living or memory care center brings people in similar situations together. There is always someone available to talk to, which seniors love. They often miss the companionship of a spouse or friends who have passed away. The move to this type of community allows them to make friends again and have regular interactions with others. This companionship helps to keep loneliness and isolation at bay. 

Physical Activity

A senior may stop taking part in activities they love due to a fear they will get hurt and nobody will be around to help them. This can lead to depression, as they miss out on the things they enjoy. By moving to an assisted living community in Palmdale, CA, a senior can put these fears to rest. They know there will be someone around to provide help when it’s needed. 

Physical activity helps in warding off depression. When a person exercises, the body releases endorphins, and these chemicals boost a person’s mood. In addition, exercise strengthens the muscles and bones while improving cardiovascular health. Seniors can do things they no longer thought were possible when they get regular exercise. 

Socialization Opportunities

Most senior living communities maintain a calendar of activities and events for residents to take part in. When planning these activities, the staff members take into account the residents and their abilities. They also consider the interests of the residents, as they want everyone to have activities they enjoy. This doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t try something new. A senior might find they pick up a new hobby when they take part in one of the planned activities. They can try new things to see if they like them before committing to anything. 

Watchful Eyes

Families feel more comfortable when their loved ones live in an assisted living community. They have lives to lead but want to know their loved ones are safe. In this community, staff members watch over the residents and report when they believe a resident needs medical care or help in another way beyond what they can provide. The senior lives life as they desire while having someone ensure they are safe and well cared for. This is of particular importance for those who are clinically depressed, as they may not realize they have a problem. The staff will see it and ensure the appropriate help is provided. 

Provide a Purpose

Seniors have the knowledge they can share with others in the community. When they do so, they have a sense of purpose. For example, one senior may find they enjoy greeting new residents and introducing them to the community. Another individual may choose to teach a class and share what they have learned over the years with others. In fact, when seniors have a purpose in life, they are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or have a heart attack or stroke. This sense of purpose may actually allow them to live longer. 

People often find it hard to take care of themselves when they are clinically depressed. A senior care community is ideal for these individuals, as the staff can help them complete basic hygiene tasks when they struggle to do so. In addition, the staff will ensure they eat and take their medications as directed. Small changes can make a major difference in how a person feels, so consider having the senior relocate to a community of this type. Doing so is the catalyst for major improvements in the symptoms of depression for many seniors. 

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