Once a loved one decides to move into an assisted living community, the transition process often becomes stressful for everyone involved. Remaining patient is essential but not always easy. Taking the right steps will make moving into an assisted living community much more manageable. 

When Should a Parent Move to Assisted Living?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. The following offers some signs to alert a person their parent may need assisted living in Palmdale, CA. Prompt action is necessary for protecting an individual’s health. 

  • If the senior is currently unhappy with their living conditions, seeking an assisted living community offers benefits. Many seniors become lonely living alone. Living in a community offers seniors a plethora of opportunities to socialize. 
  • When seniors begin neglecting their daily tasks and forgetting simple chores like checking the mail or feeding pets, it is time to consider the options for help. Assisted living offers seniors 24/7 monitoring and care while allowing them to remain as independent as possible. 
  • Another sign it is time to consider assisted living homes is safety issues. Although seniors want to remain as independent as possible, doing so is not always safe. Forgetfulness, such as forgetting to turn off the stove, can be dangerous and could lead to injuries or even death. 
  • When seniors begin experiencing worsening health concerns, they may need more consistent care. Assisted living offers help with medication reminders and taking seniors to their medical appointments. 

Should a person notice any of the above signs, it may be time to consider memory care living. These communities allow seniors to live life to the fullest while ensuring they receive the monitoring and care they need to stay safe. 

Tips for Making the Transition

After the difficulty of deciding on moving into an assisted living home, seniors must then face the transition. The following tips should make the transition process much more manageable for seniors and their loved ones. 

  • Determining the budget is one of the first steps. Children should speak openly with their parents about their financial situation. Hopefully, the parents have set aside money for long-term care. 
  • Another tip for making the transition is research. Families need to learn as much as possible about the assisted living communities in their areas. Ideally, the community should be close to family and friends so visits are uncomplicated. 
  • Touring the communities is essential for choosing the right one. If possible, allow the senior parent to participate in the visit and grow familiar with the surroundings. Children need to ensure they get their parent’s input when deciding on any assisted living communities. 
  • Moving day is almost always difficult. Seniors find it stressful to let go of the familiar and embrace the new life that lies ahead. Preparing for the range of emotions felt will assist children in helping their elderly parents make the move. 
  • Creating a plan makes moving much less stressful. Tackling one room at a time is wise. Ideally, senior parents and their children should start in rooms that do not have emotional ties, such as the laundry room or bathrooms. Ease into the living areas carefully. 
  • Surprising the parents with a welcome home banner and balloons will make the moving day a special event. It never hurts to add special touches to the new home. 

Recognize moving is not going to be perfect. Emotions will rise, along with frustrations. When people prepare for possible issues, they are more likely to face them head-on. 

Assisted Living Communities Offer Many Benefits

Seniors cannot always live alone, especially as they age or begin to experience health concerns. When it becomes unsafe to live at home, seniors have residential options available to them. 

Assisted living offers seniors the opportunity to have a safe living environment. Safety is crucial for seniors who may begin losing their memory or experience cognitive declines. 

While seniors are allowed to remain independent, they are also monitored. Seniors will have access to the essential monitoring and care they need 24 hours a day. 

Assisted living communities offer a nurturing environment that is conducive to helping keep minds sharp. Seniors feel at home in these communities and meet friends who become more like family. 

Those considering moving a loved one into an assisted living residential community need to research carefully and learn all they can before making any decisions. Armed with information, children can help their aging parents receive the care they need. 

At Palm Vista Senior Living, we are vested in ensuring our residents receive the highest level of care in an elegant and comfortable environment. Here, seniors will enjoy lively activities and socialization that keep them happy and healthy.