Seniors decide where they want to live when they cannot live on their own without help. Senior communities and at-home nursing care are top options for the elderly, and a comparison between these options shows which living environment is best for the senior. Families consider the cost, the benefits, and how well their senior loved one’s needs are met. Learning more about senior communities and at-home care helps family members determine the best choice for a loved one.  

Full-Service Meal Preparation 

Meal preparation services address the resident’s dietary requirements, and senior communities have cooks that prepare all three meals for the residents. With at-home care, the nurse prepares breakfast and lunch, and if the senior needs a night nurse, the nurse usually prepares dinner.

At-home nurses prepare meals in a hurry, and the foods might not be healthy each time. In a senior community, the cooks prepare many different foods from which the residents can choose. When comparing their options, the senior’s meal requirements are managed better in a senior community.

Improved Socialization Opportunities

Socialization is critical for all seniors, and a memory care community gives residents a chance to meet new people and form lasting bonds. Communities offer social events and activities where all residents spend time together, and the atmosphere is casual and comfortable for everyone.

At-home care gives the seniors a nurse that spends time with them and becomes their companion. While it’s great to have a companion at home, the senior sees the nurse only, and they aren’t around other like-minded individuals.

Access to a Full Staff on a 24-Hour Basis

In a senior community, all residents have access to a 24-hour staff that provides care for the residents. If an emergency arises, the medical has the training to manage the residents’ care. They contact an ambulance to get the resident the care they need fast.

At-home nurses have the training to manage minor emergencies and daily care. The senior doesn’t have a doctor at their home to provide health care when the senior needs more complex services.

Heightened Safety and Security for Seniors 

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease are prone to wandering around, and they could get lost if they leave home, and an at-home nurse cannot watch the senior at all times. One poorly timed bathroom trip and the elderly person could walk out the door, and the nurse may not find them in time.

In a senior community, there is a secured wing for residents with Alzheimer’s disease where they can walk around but cannot leave the area. The secured wing has doors with electronic locks, and no one gets into the area without a security code.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

At-home nurses perform light housekeeping for the senior, but they don’t manage laundry. The family will have to complete more thorough housekeeping and laundry services for their loved ones.

In a senior community, the staff manages all housekeeping for the residents’ living spaces and provides laundry services. The services improve the residents’ quality of life and take these burdens off their shoulders.

Getting Memory Care Services 

When comparing assisted living vs memory care, families discover that memory care services are available to seniors who live at home. Seniors come to a service provider or a community for memory care services. At-home nurses bring the senior to the memory care specialist, and the family might pay more for these services.

The residents at a senior community receive memory care services each day. Dementia leads to memory loss and cognitive decline, and memory care improves cognitive functions at different stages of the disease. Daily memory care services help the senior performs activities of daily care based on a schedule.

Great Homes for Seniors 

At Palm Vista Senior Living, our community provides the utmost standard of care for all residents, and everyone enjoys the great amenities of the community. Residents receive meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, and healthcare services. Looking for a home for an elderly parent? Set up a private tour of our community now.