Aging parents face dire situations if they lose motivation to live their best life and their health declines. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease present challenges for these seniors and affect their outlook on life, and encouraging words from loved ones or caregivers are what parents need to thrive. Senior communities offer aging parents a new housing opportunity that connects them with residents in the aging parent’s age group with the same life experiences.  

Remind Them of Fond Memories

Loved ones can remind seniors about fond memories they shared to encourage them to create more memories and experience happier times. Aging parents need reminders of happy memories in their lives to motivate them to live a better life even when the senior faces a dire medical diagnosis, such as dementia. Dementia is terrifying for seniors and families, and the brain disease might progress rapidly and alter the senior’s personality and cognitive function. An assisted living community might be the answer to improve the senior’s quality of life and help them with new life transitions. 

Discuss Their Career Achievements

Career achievements remind the seniors that hard work and determination have brought them great success in their lives. Discussions about what an aging parent has achieved in their career give them a renewed motivation to keep trying. Caregivers apply these strategies in memory care services to help residents remember what steps they took to achieve each past goal. The techniques help residents with cognitive decline to complete tasks with one or two steps successfully and without getting discouraged. 

Use Light-Hearted Humor to Get Them to Laugh

Light-hearted humor is critical to the well-being of everyone, and family members that use it to get an aging parent to laugh are doing their heart good. Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time, and jokes can restore the spirit and get the senior’s mind off of depressing elements of life.

Residents that socialize in communities offering assisted living in Palmdale, CA, have opportunities to make new friends. Companions can also find ways to make the seniors laugh after the friends get to know each other better. Laughter warms the heart and soul and makes life better.

Talk About Their Talents

An aging parent’s talents are a source of encouragement, and family members can remind the loved ones about these talents to get them to participate in similar activities. Senior communities host events related to the arts, such as painting, crafts, or music, and all residents can participate in classes, workshops, or other opportunities to showcase these talents.

Even with cognitive decline, the brain remembers what to do, and seniors with dementia may find that they have forgotten talents and remember how to do them. Statistics show that if loved ones encourage seniors to perform these talents, the mind remembers how to perform these activities and often surprises the loved one.

Let Them Talk About Their Hobbies

Hobbies give seniors something to do after retirement, and communities encourage residents to participate in any hobbies of interest. Discussions about these hobbies are exciting for residents, and family members see their faces light up when speaking about these interests. Anything that residents become passionate about is great for morale and helps them thrive in a senior community.  

Encourage Them to Spend More Time With Friends

Socialization is critical for seniors, especially after retirement, and aging parents who don’t socialize become isolated. Isolation introduces dire mental disorders that have damaging effects on the elderly, and medical studies show seniors face premature death if they isolate too often.

Senior communities give residents plenty of opportunities to socialize and get to know others. Friendships are a terrific motivator, and new friends encourage these seniors to live better and healthier lives.

Ask Them About Their Kids and Grandchildren

Discussions about the resident’s kids and grandchildren encourage them to share wonderful memories and talk about how much they love their family. Residents are encouraged to surround themselves with pictures of loved ones, and these family pictures remind the residents how much they are loved and appreciated.

Snapshots and candid images are fun and remind the elderly of the memories connected to each image. Seniors with cognitive decline need everyday reminders to keep them focused and help them thrive in the community.

Lovely Homes for Seniors 

At Palm Vista Senior Living, we offer encouragement to residents and motivate them to get a higher quality of life. Our community is a safe and secure home for seniors, and our staff assists with ADLs. All residents are encouraged to socialize and make new friends within the community, and our services help residents thrive. Call us today and book an appointment to tour the community and learn more about what we offer seniors.